Life After HSCT

These are blog posts related to my recovery after my HSCT procedure in Russia. I posted weekly updates for the first six months, then in monthly intervals for the rest of the first year.  After the first year I will continue to post at more sporadic intervals.  This page also contains other posts that are relevant to the topic of life after HSCT.

One Week Home (Day +21)

Complications: Partial DVT in Left Jugular Vein

Two Weeks Home (Day +28)

Three Weeks Home (Day +35)

Four Weeks Home (Day +42)

Five Weeks Home (Day +49)-Spasticity & Cows

Six Weeks Home (Day +56)-Xarelto, Acid Reflux and Chemo Lines

Seven Weeks Home (Day +63)-First Neuro Visit After HSCT

Eight Weeks Home (Day +70)- Getting Back in Shape

Nine Weeks Home (Day +77)-Blood Work & Fresh Veggies

Ten Weeks Home (Day+84)-First Day Trip Since Russia

11 Weeks Home (Day +91)-3 Months Old!!!

12 Weeks Home (Day +98)-Braving the Monkey Bars

13 Weeks Home (Day +105)-3 Month Blood Work

14 Weeks Home (Day +112)-Pain in the Neck & Halloween Decorations

15 Weeks Home (Day +119)- No Menopause For Me!!!

16 Weeks Home (Day +126)-My Immune System is 4 Months Old!!!

17 Weeks Home (Day +133)-Surviving the Week: Car Accident, Stomach Bug and Walk MS

18 Weeks Home (Day +140)-Recovery & Thoughts on Meditation

19 Weeks Home (Day +147)-5 Month Blood Work

20 Weeks Home (Day +154)-5 Months Old & I Conquered the Monkey Bars!!!

21 Weeks Home (Day +161): MRI Results Are In & NO ENHANCING LESIONS

22 Weeks Home (Day +168)- Acid Reflux Returns & HSCT Failure Rates

23 Weeks Home (Day +175)- 6 Month Follow-Up Neuro Appointment

6 Month Post-HSCT Update

7 Month Update (Day +215)- Hair, Salt Lamps & Health Insurance

8 Month Update (Day +245)- Holidays, Snow & Health Insurance

9 Month Update (Day +280)- Sickness, Stress & Recovery

9/10 Month Blood Work

10 Month Update (Day 304)-Employment & Life

11 Month Update (Day 335)- Life & The Risks of HSCT

1 Year Post-HSCT Blood Work Results

One Year Post-HSCT Update

18 Months Post-HSCT Update

21/22 Months Post-HSCT Update