HSCT In Russia-Day by Day Posts

I wanted to document my HSCT journey for those interested in having this procedure done in Russia.  I did a blog post every day I was in Russia and tried to document all the important things that happened each and every day and also discussed the hospital food being served every day.  Each blog posts includes pictures and I describe in detail everything that was done.  I feel it is important that people have an understanding of the entire procedure before having it done and I tried to do that with this blog. I am very open and honest in my blog posts and there is some profanity, but hope these posts help people understand how the procedure works in Russia.  My procedure was done between 25 April-25 May, 2016.

And My Trip To Moscow Begins

Day #1 (Part I)-Arriving in Moscow & Vega Motel

Day #1 (Part II): Checking In at the Hospital, EKG, and My Room

Day #2-Testing Day #1

Day #3 = Free Day For Me & New Room!!!

Day #4- Judgement Day!!!!!

Day #5-Pelvic Ultrasound & Free Day

Day #6-The Start of Treatment and Being All Touristy in Moscow

Day #7-Day 2 of Stem Cell Stimulation & More Playing Tourist

Day #8-Day 3 of Stem Cell Stimulation & Last Day of Freedom!!!

Day #9-Insertion of Neck Catheter

Day #10-Stem Cell Collection Day-Got Enough the First Day!!!

Day #11-New Neck Line Installed & Preparing for the Next Stage

Day #12- Bye Bye Faulty Immune System-Chemo Day #1

Day #13-Day 2 of Chemo!!!

Day #14- Day 3 of Chemo-Going Strong

Day #15-Done with Chemo on Victory Day!

Day #16-Relax and Unwind

Day #17-DAY ZERO-Happy Stemmie Birthday to Me

Day #18- The Waiting Game


Day #20-Isolation Day #2 (Day +03)

Day #21-Isolation Day #3 (Day +04)

Day #22-Isolation Day #4 (Day +05)     ((WARNING: HIGH PROFANITY USAGE))

Day #23-Isolation Day #5 (Day +06)

Day #24- Isolation Day #6 (Day +07)

Day #25-Isolation Day #7 (Day +08)

Day #26-FREEDOM!!!!!! (Day +09)

Day #27-Rituximab Infusion Day (Day +10)

Day #28-Last Day of Steroids & Lifelong Friendships!!! (Day +11)

Day #29-Neck Line Removed!!! (Day +12)

Day #30-Trip to the Marketplace & Goodbyes (Day +13)

Day #31-Farewell Russia, Homeward Bound (Day +14)

Getting Home-36 Hours of Flights & Layovers

Medical Paperwork, Meds, and Recommendations From Dr. F


Random Russia Related Posts, Not Really Day to Day But Good Info:

Isolation Rooms (Now these are Regular Patient Rooms)

Rooms Here at Pirogov (Regular Patient Rooms, Older & Remodeled)

Food Served at the Hospital

My Guide to Using Public Transportation in Moscow