About Me

I’m Cat, a 33 year old wife and mom of two young girls that was diagnosed with MS in 2015.  My lifestyle has always been simple and since we’ve lived in southern Idaho I’ve tried to live a homesteading lifestyle.  Growing a big garden, canning, cooking from scratch, cutting firewood, raising goats, etc.  My lifestyle took an abrupt change when I was diagnosed with MS when my youngest was 3 months old.  I had to modify how I do many things and I decided to pursue HSCT to halt my MS several months after my diagnosis.  Based on my medical records I was told I would get a date in late 2016/early 2017 but in February 2016 I received a cancellation date for the end of April 2016 for Russia.

This blog will follow my journey through my HSCT in Russia as well as how my life changes after the procedure.



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