9/10 Month Blood Work

In my last post, my 9 month update, I mentioned that I would be going to get my blood work done eventually.  I had hoped to do it closer to the 9 month mark, but the upper respiratory virus/cold I had really kicked my ass.  I was trying to hold off on doing blood work until after I fully recovered from that because I knew it would knock my WBC counts down quite a bit, but finally I’m about over it.  It takes a healthy person about 2-4 weeks to get over this particular virus going around, so considering my immune system doesn’t have exposure to things like that it is taking a bit longer to recover. So my blood work was still done when I was on the end part of this whole virus and my numbers do show that.  I also happened to be on the heaviest part of my period when doing the blood work and for some reason my platelet counts always drop when I’m on my period.  But I finally managed to have time in my crazy life to get the blood work done last Friday and I got the results this Monday.  So anyways, here they are.  Not where they really need to be, but the important numbers are still in the safe zone and I’m going to do more blood work at the 12 month mark as well to check and see how things look and to see if my counts rebounded.  I’ll discuss my current numbers and then how they compare to my 6 month numbers.

WBC/Leukocytes: 3.50 (3.8-11.0 normal range)

RBC: 4.25 (3.5-5.5 normal range)

Hemoglobin: 13.1 (11.2-15.7 normal range)

Platelets: 142 (150-420 normal range)

Neutrophils: 2.21 (1.9-8.0 normal range)

Lymphocytes: 0.81 (1.4-4.8 normal range)

So as you can see my WBC and Platelets are slightly lower than they should be.  But my neutrophils are still in the normal range. My lymphocytes are higher than at the 6 month mark and a lot of labs say 0.70 is the low-end of the range for that, I believe my highest reading ever even pre-HSCT and pre-MS was 1.10, so I’m happy with the improvement with that.  For some people it can take up to 2 years for the numbers to really stabilize and things like being sick really mess with that.  And I have been trying to keep my platelet numbers on the lower end of the scale, so it’s no surprise they dropped below the normal levels when I was on my period.   But as I’ve said in numerous posts prior, these numbers vary so much patient to patient in the recovery period, some people rebound right away, others take 2 or more years, and then your numbers actually fluctuate a fair bit on a daily to weekly basis. So this post is really just so people can see what my numbers are.  My numbers are a bit low, my Aussie stemmie sis did blood work similar time as me and her numbers are all amazing.  I’ll just be happy when spring and summer gets here and everyone stops being sick all the time, would really help the immune system.

But for comparison, here is my 6 month numbers:

WBC/Leukocytes: 5.21

RBC: 4.43

Hemoglobin: 14.0

Platelets: 195

Neutrophils: 3.98

Lymphocytes: 0.65

But if you remember my 6 month post where I compared my numbers throughout the journey you’ve seen how sporadic in general numbers can be in a month.

I also had a metabolic panel done as well and everything was in the normal range for that one.

But I also opted to do a Vitamin D test this time around, just because we are finishing up winter and I was curious as to what my numbers actually were.  I had it tested on July 21, 2016 and it was 62 ng/ml.  Not bad considering the normal range is 30-80.  But I personally wanted to be on the high-end of the normal range or above it.  This time my number was 88.9 ng/ml, so above the high end of the normal range.  Overall I am shooting to keep it between 80-150, so not bad, considering there has been basically no sun all winter long and I’ve been supplementing 10,000iu a day most days all winter long.

So considering, not too bad, after battling the nasty sickness for several weeks.  I’ll be posting my 10 month update in about a week, have some slightly exciting news to report in that blog post.


About Cat

I'm an outdoorsy gal, wife, mom of 2 and MS Warrior. I underwent HSCT in Russia in April/May 2016 to halt my MS and documented my entire journey while I was there in my blog and am now continuing to blog through my recovery.
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