Second Floor Isolation Rooms/Lounge Area Pictures (December 2016)

In case you are wondering, no I am not back at the wonderful hospital that performed my HSCT, although I would love to visit again someday to show my appreciation to the wonderful Dr. Fedorenko and the entire staff there.  But I do have a lot of blog followers who are planning to undergo HSCT in Russia in the next year or two, so decided to do a blog post on what some of the current remodeled rooms on the second floor look like as well as the lounge area and then some pictures of the outside of the hospital in the winter months as well. For those who followed my blog back when I was in Russia, you’ll remember that I did some blog posts of the rooms I stayed in back then.  But I was there during a transition period when they were remodeling rooms on the third floor and since then they have also remodeled the rooms on the second floor, and if you remember what my room pictures looked like when I was briefly on the second floor, you will see the amazing transformation that has taken place in the 8 months since I was there.

But since these rooms are newly remodeled, this blog post should be fairly accurate for the next couple years as for what the hospital rooms look like. I do have to give a big thank you to my friend who is finishing up in Russia now that took this pictures for me, so credit goes to him for these pictures.

Pictures of the second floor isolation rooms:

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And then here are some pictures of the lounge area, nurses station and hallway on the second floor.  The lounge is where you can spend a lot of time socializing with other patients and is where the birthday parties take place after you get your stem cells reinfused.

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And then here are a couple of pictures of what some of the pre-isolation rooms look like on the second floor now, a much nicer and newer remodeled room then when I was there.

And then just for fun, here are some pictures of what the hospital grounds look like in the winter months.  I was there in April/May so it was spring and when everything was starting to leaf out and flower.  Now in December everything is covered in snow.

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And then because we can’t leave him out, here is a picture of the amazing Dr. Fedorenko himself taken in December 2016!


Dr. Fedorenko

And then for no apparent reason at all, but for those that are curious, they got new machines for the chemo drips, and they are so neat looking.  Mainly posting this for those that were there in the past, cause it’s always neat to see what things are like now, haha.  So here’s a pic of when I was there and then the new machines; first picture is when I was there, second is what they currently use!

So hopefully this blog post gives those that are going in the future a good idea of what things look like in the newly remodeled second floor. And just remember that not all rooms are identical, they vary a bit in size depending on the room, and some of the pre-isolation rooms have 2 beds in them and occasionally people have to share for 1-3 days during the pre-testing while they are waiting for rooms to open up in the isolation area. And again a big thanks to my friend who took these pics for me!


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I'm an outdoorsy gal, wife, mom of 2 and MS Warrior. I underwent HSCT in Russia in April/May 2016 to halt my MS and documented my entire journey while I was there in my blog and am now continuing to blog through my recovery.
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