17 Weeks Home (Day +133)-Surviving the Week: Car Accident, Stomach Bug and Walk MS

As the title says, it’s been quite the week…..Seriously….I was doing so well at having an uneventful recovery for the past couple months I was hoping it would stay that way, but no, this week had to ruin all that.  First off, my family and I are fine for the most part from the accident, so no worries there.  So I’ll start out at the start of the week and work my way to the end of the week, which was actually yesterday, so this blog post is technically a day late but yesterday was the crazy car accident day, so really blogging was not a priority for me at that time.

So the week started off fairly uneventful for me.  Thursday and Friday were laid back days, not much going on.  My oldest ended up picking up a stomach bug of the viral variety at some point in time, pretty sure it was from her grandma, as grandma ended up being sick the same day…Which in turn led to her projectile vomiting all over the backseat of the car, literally I was amazed at how much vomit came out of her, thank god we were almost home at the time.  She seemed fine after that, until the middle of the night when she again projectile vomited all over herself, the entire bed, floor, etc. and then came crying to me and getting vomit all over me. So regardless of how careful I was around her, I was bound to eventually be affected by it, luckily it didn’t affect me till Sunday.  She was good for a couple of days until Saturday night when the vomiting all over the bed and room occurred again.  I did a lot of laundry last week….. So that was exciting.  Since Saturday she has been fine, but then I picked up the bug and while I was not projectile vomiting everywhere, it did make me nauseous and I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, so I survived on unhealthy canned soup and water all of Sunday and Monday.  After Monday though I was good to go.  Never spiked a fever higher than 99F so wasn’t concerned as I knew it was viral and there is nothing they can do for viral issues other than give you fluids if you are super dehydrated. So my plan of healthy eating this week completely went out the window. Then my youngest got it as well, but luckily hers only resulted in one episode of vomiting and some very impressive diapers.  Damn hubby never catches anything, lucky bastard.  But we are all over that now, luckily those sorts of things only last a few days.  So lots of hand washing and copious quantities of hand sanitizer were used this past week, and I did numerous loads of laundry, which results in me having to fold it, and I really despise folding laundry…I think no matter how much you try to avoid it, you will get sick with something within the first 6 months, whether it’s a viral bug, a cold, the flu, etc.

So that brings us back to Saturday the day of the Walk MS Twin Falls event.  So I wasn’t going to do the event because well the MS Society really doesn’t care about HSCT or funding it, they are all about promoting expensive meds. But I asked on facebook if I should do it and wear a shirt promoting HSCT and I received an overwhelming amount of support for it, so I opted to do it.  So we showed up the day of the event and now if you have MS they require you to wear a bright green shirt saying you are living with MS if you want to walk…. I shit you not, that is the rule at this event.  Here I was expecting the normal green tag to attach to yourself, but no you have to wear a bright green shirt to attract lots of attention to you, because apparently if you have MS you want everyone to know it…. But now I have a free bright green shirt that says I’m living with MS that I guess I can use for painting or something around the house since I will not be wearing it in public. So at these events you get white tags with numbers on it that you are supposed to write who you are walking for.  Why the tags have numbers on them I don’t know since it’s not a race, but whatever.  So I modified mine the best I could to try and get my point across and one of the MS gals told me that was not appropriate to put on my tag and that I should only put a name down, but I’m a rebel and didn’t obey her, ha.  Most people read my tag, looked at me like I was a complete freak, and then started pointing and whispering to each other about me, then most people avoided me like the plague.  Apparently they thought I was promoting witchcraft or something.  I did have 2 people ask about HSCT and they then looked at me like I was a complete nut for undergoing something so crazy and wished me the best of luck.  Of course everyone was running over to the medication related booths to get all the freebies, you know the usual free backpacks, chapstick, pens, markers, T-shirts, everything promoting Tecfidera, Tysabri, and Aubagio.

The turnout this year for the walk was much better than last year, there was around 75 people there, they claimed there was 160 people there at a minimum, certainly not true, perhaps the MS has affected their counting ability, certainly didn’t affect mine, but I guess saying more people showed up looks good for numbers. It is really quite sad that the turnout is so low because in this part of Idaho, 1 in every 300 people have MS, the highest rate in the entire US, but yet nobody cares.  Although in people’s defense we also have some of the highest rates of cancer in the US as well, so there are a whole lot of causes that have fundraising walks.  I blame the high numbers on agriculture and the chemicals used in it, people can deny it, but there has to be a connection. The highest rates of MS occur in high agriculture areas in the US. There were 6 people with MS at the walk sporting the bright green shirts.  Most had zero interest in HSCT at all, they were all content on their meds and loving the attention they were getting from everyone.  It’s one thing I never have understood about some people with chronic conditions, they love to advertise that they have them, almost everyone with MS that was there had numerous tattoos stating they had MS, along with the orange ribbon.  That is the last thing I want on my body is something reminding me I have the fucking disease. Even those with crutches or wheelchairs were saying it’s god’s will and whatever happens happens. To each their own, I didn’t push HSCT, I was just hoping people may research it more to educate themselves, but most seemed content on their meds and their current disease progression. Maybe I’m odd but the first thing I did after being diagnosed was all the research I could on MS and everything out there that may stop progression.  I was not going to let MS ruin my life. So really the walk was not a huge success, but the weather was perfect and my family and I did the 2 mile walk along the canyon rim and enjoyed the view and watched some BASE jumpers.  Really the highlight of the day was not the walk itself, but the fact that there was a guy there finishing up breaking a world record for the number of BASE jumps completed off the bridge in a 24 hour period of time.  We had gone the day before and watched him complete 3 jumps, crazy, as the rule was he physically had to climb up a trail up the side of the canyon between jumps, he was averaging a jump about every 15 minutes when we were there.  He ended up with 61 jumps and broke the record.  Most of my pics didn’t turn out, but here are a few from that.  I don’t have any of myself that turned out and the good ones I do have involve my kids and I opt to not post pics of them on the blog.

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As I mentioned above Sunday and Monday I wasn’t feeling the greatest, I still could do things, but when your stomach and guts are acting up, not much you can do.  Tuesday wasn’t too bad of day, it was the last warm day we will have here for the year, so the kids and I opted to spend most of it outside.  We picked plums from our trees and considering how screwed up the weather was this year, I’m rather impressed with the amount we actually got from the trees.  The golden plums were gigantic this year, not sure why that is.


Plum Harvest

So that brings us to Wednesday…..  The day started out rather uneventful and was a day that was actually well planned out.  Goes to show that you should never plan out a day, you should be spontaneous…In the early afternoon I was supposed to drop my hubby off at the hospital for some stuff he needed to get done and then I was going to do some fun shopping with the kiddos before needing to pick him up. Well we made it about half way to town before the plans changed.  So I live in a rural area and people often run stop signs, so you have to be a super paranoid driver when it comes to approaching intersections.  We were on one of the main roads heading to town, speed limit 50mph, which I was going 50mph exactly as I was using cruise control because you do not dare to speed here because you will get ticketed for speeding. First I will say that I was on a road that has no stop signs, all the side roads have stop signs. Seen a truck with a flatbed slow down for the stop sign and stop, so I wasn’t concerned at all and then he pulled out right in front of us to continue on across the road, I slammed on the brakes and knew we were going to hit him, and that is exactly what happened, we skidded into the side of the flatbed.  Sheriff estimated we hit going around 40-45mph and it was like hitting a brick wall, his truck moved about a foot and had pretty much no damage.  Completely totaled my car…. Airbags went off, literally felt like my chest was going to explode.  Hubby and I, both in pain, leapt out of the car to check out kids in the backseat and to get them out of the car as we were still on the road, and nobody pays attention and we didn’t want someone slamming into the back of us. Kids amazingly were 100% okay.  Youngest was still rear facing in the carseat and had just fallen asleep so it didn’t faze her at all, she was all smiley and happy when we got her out.  Oldest was in a seatbelt with a highback booster seat and also was fine, no pain or bruising at all.  Not really sure how they lucked out with no injuries, but that was our big concern. Oldest was more fascinated with my loud screaming at the other driver about how he could have killed my kids as well as a bunch of profanity and then she was concerned about the poor car, which she still is upset that we aren’t getting it back.

I had horrible chest pain, badly bruised fingers on my left hand, and a lacerated, swollen and bruised right wrist so I got carted off by ambulance to the hospital, which I will say was my first ambulance ride.  Hubby was alright for the most part other than some pain, so he stuck around with the kids until his dad came and retrieved all them.  Sheriff and fire department guys were awesome, my girls ended up with stickers.  Awesome guy who was behind us on the road stopped and helped as well and let the girls sit in his truck until my FIL showed up to retrieve everyone.  Goes to show there are still some nice people out there in the world. Hubby ended up going in today for a bunch of X-rays and they think he has 3 cracked ribs, but otherwise he’s okay, minus the standard accident pain.  So I ended up in the ER and the doctor wanted to do X-rays on my chest and wrist to see if anything was broken, they could tell that my left hand fingers were not broken just bruised down to the bone.  So I had to wait around for around 1 1/2 hours to get the X-rays done, then about another 1 1/2 hours to get the results.  Final results were that nothing is broken, although my sternum and upper ribs are badly bruised and are going to hurt like hell for quite a while.  All caused by the seatbelt and the airbag, as when the airbag deployed it smacked me right in the chest, the benefits of having long legs and having the seat back all the way, it didn’t hit me in the face.  Wrist is fine, although the bone is bruised, and they bandaged up the laceration and I was finally able to leave. So a couple pics from that excitement.

So today is technically a new week, but an update on how I am doing today.  Ironically I actually feel a bit better than I did yesterday.  Chest still hurts like hell when I move certain ways, laugh, or cough.  And even worse when my youngest climbs on me and bumps a certain spot. Wrist and fingers don’t really hurt that bad, unless I bump the bandage by the cuts. My neck is a bit stiff and sore.  My neck muscles and nerves on the left side of my neck are acting up a bit more than they were before, but that is to be expected.  I didn’t really suffer much in the way of whiplash.  The doctor said my blood numbers look good, minus the lymphocytes so there is very low risk of infection in the cut, but I just have to watch it carefully. The laceration itself was actually caused by the airbag deploying as was the bruising on my other fingers.  So really the accident could have been much much worse than it was, so I can’t complain.  I mean I’m pissed as hell at the other driver for not paying attention, which he admitted it was 100% his fault and claimed he never seen us coming until we hit the side of his truck and he did receive citations.  I really think it’s because his giant dog was in the passenger seat, most likely blocking his view….So now I have no car and we are borrowing a relative’s car until we get the insurance money to get a new one.  But of course his insurance company doesn’t want to pay out, so now it’s a battle between car insurance companies, so that could take a while to get everything sorted out, hopefully soon I can get a new car, well it will be a used car, but at least new to me.  We got the kids new car/booster seats today.

So I guess now that you know all the shit that has happened this week I can do my usual blogging about side effects and improvements. So side effects from treatment were non-existent this week.  Improvements were also non-existent.  As everyone knows when you get any sort of sickness it can make old symptoms pop up for a bit just because of the existing damage and that happened a bit for me.  Some of my numbness is back and my energy level is a bit lower, but is improving.  Accident itself really didn’t faze me, so I think once the pain subsides in my chest area I’ll be back to where I was prior to this past week. No need to stress about anything as nothing can be changed, just gotta go with the flow and move on with life.

So all in all I am really hoping that this next week is very uneventful.  The weather is supposed to be cold and rainy all week long, so I’m planning to stay inside and try to get things ready for winter and just hang out with my kiddos.  But as a parting shot, here’s a rainbow pic taken from my deck this past week.




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I'm an outdoorsy gal, wife, mom of 2 and MS Warrior. I underwent HSCT in Russia in April/May 2016 to halt my MS and documented my entire journey while I was there in my blog and am now continuing to blog through my recovery.
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