16 Weeks Home (Day +126)-My Immune System is 4 Months Old!!!

September 11th marked my 4 month stem cell birthday!  It really is hard to believe that 4 months have passed since I got my stem cells back.  At times it really feels just like yesterday and at other times it feels as though it never happened at all.  Crazy how that works sometimes. But at the 4 month mark I think I’m doing pretty freaking good and I’m really starting to regrow hair, although it still is patchy in spots.  But as promised here are some pics.

So how was my week.  Well all in all it was pretty good.  Not as good as the prior week, but I can’t complain. My period was pretty heavy and longer than normal so I know that made me slightly anemic which resulted is a loss of energy which in turn caused a couple of my older MS symptoms to flare up a bit. Such is life.  I’m trying to eat more iron rich foods to help that out. My neck hurts off and on, but it’s tolerable so not really a huge issue for me.

So the usual rundown I do.  Side effects… Well all in all nothing much.  Still no bone pain, which I am incredibly happy about.  I realize that can still pop up, but I am hoping that it never does. No hot flashes this week either.  The one thing that I have noticed more now that the weather is cooling down is that I get cold a lot easier.  Seems like as soon as the temp gets below 75 I get cold and have to put on more clothes.  This actually is quite common after HSCT.  So this winter could get quite chilly for me, luckily we have plenty of firewood to keep the house at a nice temp all winter long.  As for improvements, nothing much.  Things seem to be staying constant and I’m fine with that.  I may notice more improvements later on when I get into exercising more, time will tell.

So what have I been up to.  This past week I’ve spent a fair bit of my time dealing with firewood.  Sawing up firewood, splitting firewood, and stacking firewood.  Getting ready for winter.  May not be a typical thing for a woman to be doing, but I love it.  For once I feel like I am getting back to the life I like to live. I also made up some tomato sauce for the freezer out of fresh tomatoes from the garden.  I didn’t have enough to actually can in jars, so I opted to just make tomato sauce out of them and freeze it.  Then since I have an overabundance of fresh mint I decided to make some mint extract, basically taking mint leaves, packing them in a jar, and filling the jar with either rum or vodka.  I’ll leave it in a dark cabinet for a couple of months, shaking it twice a week, then after a couple months I’ll strain the leaves out, and I’ll have some tasty mint extract for baking. My week in pictures:

Other than that I really haven’t been up to much, it’s been a pretty boring week.  The weather has been odd to say the least, way below average temps.  A couple of days we never got above 60F, which considering the average high is 80F, that’s pretty chilly.  Then it rained quite a bit this past week too.  Guess it’s a sign that fall is here.  Then this weekend the temps are supposed to back to normal again.  The joys of living in the desert, never really know what you will get temperaturewise.

This upcoming weekend I will be doing the Walk MS Twin Falls….I really wasn’t planning on doing the event just because the MS Society doesn’t want to recognize HSCT as a legitimate treatment for MS and they refuse to give any money to the clinical trials for HSCT here in the US.  That and the fact that the turnout is so poor for this event, it basically gets zero publicity at all.  Then the local Habitat for Humanity opts to hold an event the exact same day and time, so that gets all the attention. 1 in every 300 people here in southern Idaho/Utah have MS but yet nobody seems to care. Then apparently some idiot is going to try to launch himself over the Snake River canyon on a rocket that same day, trying to recreate the Evel Knievel jump from back in the day.  Hard to say if that will happen or not, they aren’t allowing any spectators to watch that at all, they will release footage to news stations afterwards and then apparently release it in a documentary afterwards.  So hard to say if that is actually legit or not.  Maybe his jump will meet the same fate at the original jump, would add some excitement to the area if that is the case.  At least I’ll get to watch some BASE jumpers during the walk. I am opting to do this walk because I got a lot of feedback from friends and followers that felt that I should do it to promote HSCT.  So I will be there wearing some form of a shirt that says HSCT.  Not sure what the reaction will be…..There have been several veterans who have attended Walk MS events that wore HSCT shirts and they were asked to leave by MS Society workers, so we’ll see if that is the case for me. Most people have no problems walking, guess it depends on how moody the workers are. Although this event is on a public trail that they can’t close down, so even if they ask me to leave, I will still walk along the trail. The goal of my walking this year is to spread the word of HSCT to others with MS, since HSCT is not widely known.  Hopefully the turnout is better than last year, because last year it was pathetic, I think only about 5 people with MS actually walked in the event, the rest were people walking on their teams.  At least the weather is supposed to be nice.  I’ll post more about that in next week’s blog.

I am hoping to be able to get back to healthy eating and meditation this next week. My diet has really been slacking the past few weeks.  But it is hard to cook and eat healthy when you just aren’t motivated to do it and it’s even harder when your stomach really isn’t interested in a lot of the healthier foods.  It seems like men seem to eat way better after treatment then women, but many of them always mention how their wives cook them amazing healthy meals every day, so I guess having someone to be able to cook for you every day really helps with the healthy eating.  Dealing with children, household tasks, and cooking makes for a long difficult day during the recovery period.   I’ll eventually do a post on my diet pre and post HSCT.

Onwards and upwards!  An uneventful recovery is a good recovery!


About Cat

I'm an outdoorsy gal, wife, mom of 2 and MS Warrior. I underwent HSCT in Russia in April/May 2016 to halt my MS and documented my entire journey while I was there in my blog and am now continuing to blog through my recovery.
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