Day #20-Isolation Day #2 (Day +03)

Day #2 in Isolation for me!!!!  Also Day +03 from getting my stemmies back.

My day started out about the same as always, except I got up around 4:00am and couldn’t get back to sleep, although in my defense I went to bed at around 8:00pm so I had plenty of sleep.  I didn’t pop a sleeping pill and woke up a few times to pee, but otherwise sleep was good.  You never know when the vampire nurse will come in to drain you of blood so I decided to start coloring an aquatic picture to kill time.  She ended up showing up around 6:45am and drained me of some blood and hooked me up to my first steroid infusion of the day.  Also took the morning blood pressure and temp, all good there.

Dr. Fedorenko came in early this morning around 8:30am, although it is Saturday, so I think he just did his morning rounds and took off for the day.  He did the usual vitals, all good.  Then gave me my blood results.  My Leukocytes are now down to 0.07 which is really good, he predicts they will stay about the same tomorrow and then start rising, if all goes well he says I may only have 5-6 days of Isolation to go, we will see.  My other counts are holding fairly solid, platelets dropped a bit more, but still above the bad levels, so he’s not concerned with that., being female and recently coming off my period will cause that, all the ladies seem to be battling that issue, part of life I guess, the joys of being female.

So Breakfast #1 came around 8:45am, actually after my morning doctor visit, a change for once.  It wasn’t one of the bad ones.  A cream of wheat slurry, hard-boiled egg, bread, tea, and more sugar packets.  I just cannot get rid of these sugar packets…..   I downed it all minus the tea and sugar packets.  I made myself coffee, tea is just not my thing.  I’ll cover Breakfast #2 here as well since it came around 12:oopm, a little later than it has normally shown up.  Boy was today a treat, 3 cooked apples as opposed to the usual 2….  Plus a hunk of beef, baby yogurt, and some very strong plum tea that was so thick I think I could have eaten it with a spoon, in fact it somewhat dyed my sink pink when I poured it down the drain… I’ve determined that zapping the apples in the microwave makes them more appealing and since I’ve had a huge appetite lately, I’ve eaten everything I’ve been given.  Some meal pics.

Before my Breakfast #2 came I was first in line for the daily room cleaning, I’m in room #426 at the end of the hall, so I seem to be first for everything.  Which was nice, because that meant I could actually break out all my cross-stitching supplies and work on it when that was finished, didn’t want to bother with that before the room cleaning process.  That happened around 9:30am.  Gal came in handed me my new towels and clothes and pointed me off to the bathroom while she proceeded to clean my entire room and give me new sheets.  I hopped in the shower and took a nice hot shower and then dried off and began my alcohol bath.  Gotta say these alcohol baths are growing on me, god you feel so clean afterwards, it really is amazing.  Although the dousing of the private areas with alcohol after peeing all the time is a bit much, but I guess I know I’m clean down there.  Got myself dressed in my new duds.  Even the small tops are too big for me, oh well, lots of bra shots for everyone.  Unfortunately the elastic in my bottoms was a bit loose today, so all day I kept losing my pants when I stood up.  Oh well, just not meant for clothes I guess.  I’ll be back to sleeping in just a bra tonight, my shirt will devour me if I try to sleep in it.

My afternoon injection and infusion came much earlier today, 1:20pm and it was there.  It was my feisty girl Olga for my nurse, she had to change my neck bandage today because I think I was having an allergic reaction to the last tape job, my god it itched so bad last night.  Apparently quite a few people react to that certain type of tape. Of course with the bandage change it results in getting the would doused with a lot of alcohol, but Olga is so awesome and kept saying she was so sorry the whole time.  She got me all bandaged up again with the old style tape, so now it’s more bulky but it doesn’t itch.  Olga really is the most amazing nurse, I want to take her home.  I have never had such an awesome amazing nurse ever in the USA, she’s a real winner.  Then she gave me my stimulation injection to help boost stemmie numbers, and then hooked me up to my steroid infusion and off she went.

After all that I just decided to work on my cross-stitching project for the rest of the afternoon.  It’s a giant fly fishing scene, that I stand no chance in hell in ever completing here with my lack of patience, but it is keeping me occupied.  Perhaps later on when I feel like I’ve made some progress I’ll take some pics.  I worked on that till dinner and then gave up.  The rest of the night will be spent either just relaxing or coloring.

So I’ll finish up the blog with more food posts.  Lunch came around 2:00pm and was another chicken dumpling thing like yesterday, mashed potatoes, veggie soup, and bread.  Wasn’t too bad and I devoured it all.  Dinner came around 5:30pm and was a really thick corn soup, bread, raisin cream square, tea, and cookies.  I had saved my lunch bread so I had a couple of pieces of garlic bread with my food.  I heavily doused my food in garlic powder and pepper tonight.  But I ate everything.  Steroids make me ravenous and I have eaten everything in sight today that was given to me, including 2 of the protein drinks, some granola bars, and misc. other food I had.  Everyone else loses weight here, I’ll be gaining it.

Finished off the night with my nurse Olga coming back in to do the nightly blood pressure check and temps  around 6:30pm and she commented about how hot my room was and how sorry she felt for me.  She didn’t think they had any more fans and apologized when she left.  But within an hour she had tracked me down a fan and showed me how to use it, and oh my god it is amazing.  I feel so much better now.  Olga rocks, she is my girl.  I’m so taking her home with me.

Onward and upward to Day #3 of Isolation tomorrow.  My hair can start falling out anytime now, the wait begins!!!!


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I'm an outdoorsy gal, wife, mom of 2 and MS Warrior. I underwent HSCT in Russia in April/May 2016 to halt my MS and documented my entire journey while I was there in my blog and am now continuing to blog through my recovery.
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