Day #16-Relax and Unwind

Today was a laid back day here at the hospital.  It was a day to just recover, relax, and rewind from the chemo.  We had 2 batches of infusions today, one in mid-morning and then one in mid-afternoon, along with all our pills for the meals.  But other than that, we could pretty much do what we wanted.

I started out the day feeling about the same as yesterday, a bit queasy.  But a nice hot shower helped with that, and then eating a breakfast cereal bar and granola bar helped my stomach along.  Breakfast #1 came along shortly after: oatmeal, bread, and a piece of cheese.  I couldn’t stomach the oatmeal, but ate the cheese, and then decided to make garlic bread out of the white bread.  Just slathered the butter/margarine packet on it and doused it with garlic powder I brought from home, nuked it in the microwave for a bit, let it harden up, and it was amazing.  Well really it was probably the lack of flavor for so long that made it taste so good, but it was pretty freaking amazing, not gonna lie.  I’ll just mention Breakfast #2 here as well since it normally isn’t super appealing.  It was the regular 2 cooked apples, a hard-boiled egg, hunk of beef, and plum tea.  I did eat the egg and beef, I think I really am lacking the protein here, I’m really craving it.  Pic of second breakfast, never got around to snapping one of the first.


Breakfast #2

This morning while a bunch of us were congregating in the lounge we talked to Anastasia and mentioned we wanted our hair buzzed way off.  Well in wasting no time, Dr. Nikolai was ready to go and had me propped up on a chair in my room shearing off the rest of my hair.  After I was done, Caroline from Britain hopped up and was sheared as well.  A little while later the last hold-out in the group from Norway had his head shaved as well.  Now we all look stunning with our matching heads! Not only is the doctor amazing at what he does, but he does a great job and shaving heads too.   Here’s a pic from my buzz cut and then a pic my HSCT buddy Cathy took of the three of us English speakers posing on her last day of chemo.  We’re rocking the no hair look.

After the haircut, Dr. Fedorenko came in and did the daily vitals and discussed a bit more of what would be happening tomorrow with the stem cell reinfusion.  Also said that we just had some infusions to do today and the rest of the day we could relax, go outside, enjoy ourselves, whatever.  He’s always in such a great mood and friendly, amazing really considering how most doctors are.

9:45am rolled around and it was the first batch of infusions.  You get used to them after a while, so it’s not a big deal.  Just wait, get hooked up, let them finish, ring the nurse, get unhooked, get on with life.  Pee a lot. 


Morning Infusions

After that Caroline and I got permission to head to the grocery store up the road to stock up on any food items we wanted for when we will be in isolation.  Basically anything that comes in cans is fair game.  I really miss fruit and veggies so I opted to buy a few cans of tinned peaches and what I assume are pork and beans.  Seems like on days where the food is really bad, I can heat that up and call it a meal.

But really the highlight of the entire day was pizza.  Aussie Cathy had her hubby bring in a pizza yesterday and we each had a slice and it was so amazing that we all decided to have pizza for lunch today.  Lucky her hubby being the great guy he is went down to Dominos and picked us each up a pepperoni pizza.  When you think Dominos in the USA, you think not too bad of pizza, lots of toppings, good stuff.  Well here it is pretty pathetic, very little crust or toppings, but it is cheap, worked out to less that $5.00USD for a large and it contained all the salty unhealthy goodness we were all craving from the chemo.  So many other people who have been here in the past swore that all they wanted was candy and sugar after the chemo, not us, we all wanted pizza and salt, and all the bad stuff.  Maybe we’re the weirdos, hard to say.  But that was the best damn pizza ever.  I ate the entire thing throughout the day.  Didn’t really touch lunch or much of dinner, it was pizza for me, with a side of Sprite.  Dr. F seemed a bit entertained by our pizza party in the lounge, he just kept laughing at us and giving us the thumbs up sign, obviously us English speakers and our odd diets confuse him, hahaha.

But we did get served lunch and dinner as well, although I really wasn’t interested, it was really all about the pizza….   Lunch was a broccoli soup which isn’t too bad, along with a dish of buckwheat and beef stew mixture, along with bread.  Dinner was fish, mashed potatoes, bread, and cookies.  Considering, not a bad meal, but it was really all about the pizza.  Tomorrow however is tongue day……  Not sure how I’ll feel about the tongue after getting my stemmies back, we will see….

Around 3:00pm we got our last round of infusions for the night.  It is kind of nice having this relaxed day knowing that we won’t have an infusion drip later in the evening, makes wanting to go to bed at a more reasonable time a more probable solution and it gives more adequate time to get the liquid out of your system before bed, so not as much getting up to pee required at night.


Afternoon Infusion

All in all it was a pretty laid back day.  A lot of time just hanging out in the lounge chatting with others.  Looks like this week only 2 new people are starting treatment and got the chance to meet one of them and his carer, a guy from Texas.  He just did his first test today, so tomorrow he gets started on the crazy testing train.  The other lady is from Norway but haven’t met her yet, but I’m sure we’ll all meet up tomorrow for the Stemmie Birthday Party for 3 of us.

Tomorrow will be my new birthday!!!!!


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I'm an outdoorsy gal, wife, mom of 2 and MS Warrior. I underwent HSCT in Russia in April/May 2016 to halt my MS and documented my entire journey while I was there in my blog and am now continuing to blog through my recovery.
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