Day #15-Done with Chemo on Victory Day!

Today was the final day of chemo for me, and it’s a relief that it’s over.  So far I haven’t suffered any major side effects from it, I realize that can still happen, but am content with how it’s gone so far.  Mainly for me it’s been grogginess, a bit of nausea, and trouble sleeping.  It also does seem to make emotions run high, really makes you put life into perspective and really makes you think about a lot of things in life.  You realize you are getting a second chance at life and you really don’t want to screw that up.  Can make your head a bit crazy at times.

I woke up fairly early this morning, was having problems sleeping.  Mainly because some other patients on the floor kept hitting the nurses buttons all night long so it was constant noise in the hall.  I had opted to not use a sleeping pill, but think I may tonight just in case the same situation arises tonight.  I woke up a bit nauseus but a shower helped take care of that.  I find if I eat a breakfast cereal bar and granola bar right after showing it seems to settle my stomach down enough to actually eat other food.  Breakfast came around 8:50am this morning and was a cream of wheat type dish, egg white square, bread, tea, and copious quantities of sugar.  The cream of wheat wasn’t too bad on my stomach and I managed to down it, got most of the egg down as well. Stored the bread in the fridge.  I’m really getting overwhelmed with all the bread, I’m not a huge fan of bread in general or grains, so I can only eat so much of it at a time.  Since we’re talking food might as well discuss breakfast #2 as well.  I really got screwed today, I only ended up with 2 cooked apples, everyone else got a baby yogurt as well.  Not that it mattered, none was appealing.  I was really hoping for a chunk of beef on the plate, really woulda helped with the chemo munchies.  But I had a partial container of pringles and that got me through the chemo.

After breakfast Dr. F came in to do the daily checkup.  Haven’t seen him in a while, it’s been Dr. Nikolai filling in.  He did the normal blood pressure, asked how things were going, mentioned that today was last day of chemo, tomorrow was a rest day, etc.  Guess I’ll find out more tomorrow how the whole stem cell reinfusion will go down.

The chemo itself was about the same as the last few days, just happy it was all over.  My machine kept acting up and made the process a bit longer, didn’t want to drain the bags all the way, so the nurse stabbed a few needles in the top of the bag to get it to drain all the way.  It worked and managed to finish up just a little later than normal. Today the chemo made me pretty groggy and I was pretty out of it at the end, never had any hallucinations like some people have, so I guess that’s a good thing.  Some pics from my final day of the devil drug.

It is Victory Day here in Russia today, a huge holiday, I guess similar to what Independence Day used to mean for the USA. Except they still celebrate it here with lots of passion.  They televised the parade live on TV and it started when my chemo did so I got to watch the whole thing.  Lots of military processions, weaponry, military planes, speech by Putin, and ended up laying flowers on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.  All took place not too far from here, just up by Red Square and the Kremlin.  Kinda neat knowing I was at the Square earlier this week when they were setting up for all that.  I’m proud to be from the USA, but in a way it is depressing seeing how passionate other countries still are for their country and military and how proud they are of their country in general, it’s something that has sort of faded away in the USA.  Now our big holiday of Independence Day is more about BBQs and fireworks, less about celebrating anything about the country itself. Would be nice to see the good ole USA get some country pride happening again.  Some pics from the broadcast on TV.

After all that was done I got my lunch which was so-so. I was really craving protein and thank god we got chicken for lunch, along with some really overcooked cauliflower, soup and bread.  I could not stomach the cauliflower at all, but downed the chicken.  Lucky for me, the British gal here had no desire to eat lunch at all so she passed her chicken over to me so I saved that for dinner.  Score one for me!!!



After lunch I decided to head outside for a bit to get some fresh air and sunshine.  My arms were pretty weak from the chemo and for the life of me when that happens I cannot get the main hallway door open, so with some help from my Aussie friend, she got the door open for me and I escaped for a bit.  The fresh air is so wonderful after being cooped up in a room for 3 hours hooked up to a drip.  Everything is leafing out now and I just love it, although I am a huge nature lover, so being out in nature is healing for me.  Some pics from my little stroll.

Getting back inside was more of a treat.  My Aussie buddy had her hubby pick up a pizza from Dominos and she saved a piece for both me and the British gal, what an awesome person, I mean saving pizza, that’s a true hero here.  While the pizza was nothing like it would be in the USA, every bite was orgasmic.  Seriously after chemo you  just crave salty unhealthy comfort food.  We’re seriously pondering getting pizza tomorrow now….  I think the pizza was the whole highlight of the day for me.

After pizza came the afternoon infusion drips, these are the ones that really do me in.  One is supposed to protect your organs from damage from the chemo, the other is more anti-nausea.  It still seems to unsettle my stomach and these ones make me pee more than any of the others, it’s numerous trips to the bathroom for the following two hours.  Shortly after that finished up, in came dinner….  After seeing dinner I was so grateful for my 1 piece of pizza and saved chicken in the fridge…  Tonight dinner was an odd beef stew mixture that I think consisted of all the veggies left over from the last couple days in the kitchen, not super appealing but I did manage to down it.  It also came with bread, beef baby food and cookies, but I am just done with bread for a bit, just can’t down anymore bread at the moment, I’m glutened out.

I do still have one more infusion for the night around 9:00pm, in talking to other patients apparently it is more an anti-diarrhea infusion to ward off that side effect of the chemo.  Guess it’s been working, haven’t dealt with that yet.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me.  Just supposed to relax and rest and get prepared for Wednesday when I get my stem cells reinfused.  I know that is supposed to happen bright and early that morning and I’m guessing I’m first up, since that seems to be how it works.  So tomorrow should be a laid back day of just recovering and getting regular infusions.

But from when I left home till I arrive back home I am now officially at the halfway point, so I can start counting down the days till I can be back home with my hubby and kiddos.


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I'm an outdoorsy gal, wife, mom of 2 and MS Warrior. I underwent HSCT in Russia in April/May 2016 to halt my MS and documented my entire journey while I was there in my blog and am now continuing to blog through my recovery.
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