Day #3 = Free Day For Me & New Room!!!

So yesterday I posted that I was supposed to have a pelvic ultrasound done today, it’s an internal ultrasound.  Given my menstrual bleeding is still in full force I got to skip that today and have a free day.  That will be rescheduled later this week or next week when my bleeding has completely stopped.  Dr. F came and talked to me today about that and about things in general.  He said that the pelvic ultrasound really has no say on whether the procedure happens or not since the abdominal ultrasound shows all the organs anyway and would show anything bad.  The pelvic ultrasound is done to access bleeding risk during the procedure and isolation, so not critically important to have done now.  He also said that he would be evaluating my test results and records and talking to me tomorrow about the procedure and if I am approved.  If approved our entire group of 5 will all start Saturday.  Normally it starts Friday or Saturday but Monday and Tuesday are holidays here in Russia, so we are all starting on Saturday so that we can move to the next stage on Wednesday.

Today I also was notified that I was getting moved to the 4th Floor since a room opened up.  I believe I had the most dated room of anyone currently in the testing stage of treatment so I got to move up to the remodeled floor.  And let me tell ya, this room is amazing, it far surpasses my expectations.  Most everyone else currently in testing is up here on the 4th Floor, I think there are only 1-2 left down on the 2nd Floor and I’m assuming that when more people transfer to isolation rooms, they will also get moved up here.  Now this room has a few more perks than my other one.  The bathroom is more spacious and they actually provided a bar of soap for hand washing along with a bottle of dish soap so I can wash up dishes if I want.  Then I have 2 storage cabinets, a large chair, and newer appliances. Then I also have a selection of dishes and silverware to use whenever I want.  My old room had none of that.  Once I hit the isolation phase I’ll be moved to yet another different room. Here’s a few pics of my new room and the view.

Now the usual discussion of food.  So here they serve 2 breakfasts every day.  First is around 8:30-9:00am and the second is around 12:00pm.  The food varies a little bit day to day. First breakfast consisted of the oatmeal slurry that is pretty freaking salty, cinnamon is a must to make it edible for me.  I also then got the usual 2 types of bread, hard boiled egg, tea, numerous sugar packets, and a margarine spread.  Second breakfast was a piece of beef, 2 cooked apples, yogurt, and what I believe to be plum tea…  Now on this baby yogurt, many people before have described it as tasting really odd.  Here’s my take on it.  In the US we have a dairy product known as sour cream, people often put it on baked potatoes or in various recipes.  This yogurt tastes very similar to sour cream just with a hint of yogurt flavor, so that’s my thoughts.  While not my most favorite thing in the world, it was at least edible.

So on to lunch.  I finally got to experience THE TONGUE!!!!  Yes, yes, yes everyone who goes to Russia knows about the serving of tongue.  Really it’s not bad, it tastes just like regular beef just with a different texture.  Ironically beef tongue is one of the most expensive types of beef you can buy in the US so it wouldn’t be served somewhere like a hospital, goes to show how different countries view food. My tongue unfortunately was incredibly tough and had some hard spots on it so I was only able to eat about half of it, which was actually depressing because I don’t mind it, but such is life.  Along with the tongue was a side of mashed potatoes. Many people like to dress them up and think they are bland, I however love them, it’s just standard mashed potatoes like we have in the US so in my opinion there is no need to add stuff to it.  But then again I’m from Idaho, we’re known for growing potatoes, I’ve grown up eating potatoes, I love anything with potatoes.  Also with the tongue was an interesting tasting fish soup.  I assume the fish in the soup was the same mysterious white fish that I had for dinner previously as it tasted identical, but it’s hard to say. I’m really not a fan of fish soups but it was edible and not too bad.  Then of course the usual serving of bread, I typically forego eating the dark bread because I really cannot handle the taste of it, to me it smells and tastes like cat food, I’m guessing the same grains go into cat food as are used in that bread, just not appealing.  But here’s a pic of the lunch meal.



Then onto dinner.  Out of all the dinners I’ve had so far, this one was by far the worst.  It was basically breakfast for dinner.  For those who know me, you already know I am not a breakfast eater in general. I despise breakfast food and would much rather have a green smoothie, eggs, meat, fruit, veggies, etc. for breakfast.  But no, it was the dreaded slimy salty oatmeal.  After mixing some cinnamon in it, I managed to down about half of it, but I just couldn’t stomach anymore of that stuff today.  Twice in one day is just too much for me.  The other item on the plate I really have no idea what it was, it was a creamy raisen baked square.  It wasn’t bad, but not something I would want to regularly eat, but compared to the slimy oatmeal, it was amazing.  Then of course the usual 2 types of bread and cookies.  Here’s a pic of that meal.



After dinner, around 6:30pm, I decided to go walk around the hospital grounds for a bit to get some fresh air and exercise and take some pictures.  The weather wasn’t too bad outside and I had a nice time.  Only problem is when I attempted to get back in the door at 7:30pm it was locked.  This door is not supposed to be locked, so I decided to message one of my fellow warriors here in hopes that she was in the building and could come let me in.  And within a few minutes she came down and let me in the building, thank god for that.  I could have went around to the main entrance, but honestly have no idea how on earth I’d figure out how to get back to my room because the hospital is huge, confusing, and very few people speak any English.  But in the end, I managed to get some pics of the hospital and the grounds, here’s a few from that adventure:

That was my excitement for the day.  Tomorrow is THE DAY!!!!  At some point in time tomorrow Dr. Fedorenko will come into my room and discuss the results of all my tests as well as a bunch of other things and either give me the green light to proceed with the procedure or I get told I’m going home.  So hoping for the best!


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I'm an outdoorsy gal, wife, mom of 2 and MS Warrior. I underwent HSCT in Russia in April/May 2016 to halt my MS and documented my entire journey while I was there in my blog and am now continuing to blog through my recovery.
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